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The Claddagh Association

The Claddagh Association Inc. has assisted Irish people during times of crisis and trauma since 1997 throughout Western Australia. We are a voluntary non-profit organisation with Gift Recipient Status. We aim to provide, where possible, crisis support to people from the Irish community in times of hardship and trauma. We provide a safety net to assist people in crisis situations where all other avenues have been exhausted.

Migration can be at the least hugely overwhelming, being an immigrant in a new country and facing crisis can seem the cruellest blow of all. The Claddagh Association Inc. is a helping hand to Irish immigrants in despair.

Historically a consistent flow of Irish immigrants have arrived and settled in Western Australia. Since the 1950s this flow increased and resulted in the establishment of a strong Irish community in Perth. In 1997 a group of concerned members of that Irish community formed a support group to assist the Irish in times of crisis. Four of these original founding members still serve on the committee today.

Fundraising events throughout the year ensure continuity of available funds together with donations from individuals; Irish associations/groups and businesses whose generosity have kept the association with sufficient funds to carry out our mission.

With the collapse of the Irish economy and the mining boom in Western Australia, in the past three years the organisation has experienced a significant increase in the number of referrals form the Irish Embassy in Canberra and from the Irish community on the ground. These referrals range from assisting the Embassy with the repatriation of bodies back to Ireland to visiting people in hospital or prison.

The committee consists of 11 committee members two of which are retired the rest work full time. In addition Claddagh has a team of dedicated volunteers. All Claddagh work is carried out on a voluntary basis.

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